Discover Goldstream Provincial Park

Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Goldstream Provincial Park - Vancouver Island, BC
Goldstream Provincial Park is located 17 kilometers from downtown Victoria, BC on the Trans Canada Highway. The park encompasses 477 hectares at the head of Finlayson Arm, and is one of the most scenic and most visited parks in Victoria. Protected by the Highland mountains, Goldstream Provincial Park is a quiet oasis and a great place to view rare plants and wildlife.

The park's popularity is well-earned. visitors can witness:

  • The life and death cycle of spawning salmon.
  • Bear and cougar feeding on the bounty of the sea.
  • Eagles fishing and hunting.
  • An old growth forest with trees over 500 years old.
  • Scenic forest hikes that lead to cascading waterfalls.
  • An interpretive centre near the Goldstream Estuary where visitors can learn about this protected area where the sea and rainforest meet.

The park is home to eagles, cougars and black bears which come to feast on the salmon run in October & November. Birdwatchers will be in awe at the number of species of birds that come to the annual autumn salmon feast. The marshy area near Finlayson Arm is an official bird sanctuary.

Goldstream's main day use area offers easy, paved trails along the spawning grounds of Goldstream River (dogs must be on leash). You'll walk beneath massive, ancient Douglas fir trees that are hundreds of years old. A bird-observation deck is available near the Goldstream Freeman King Visitor Centre.

The remainder of the park is a hiker's paradise. There are over 16 kilometers of hiking trails in Goldstream Park that lead to cascading waterfalls, a trestle bridge, cliff-top lookouts and secluded forests. Venture into the back country to find trails leading to old mining caves used for gold prospecting (hence the name of the park).


Park Tips

Goldstream Provincial Park offers an oasis from the urban world which surround its borders.

  • The main section of the park offers walking tours along the Goldstream River where people can witness close up, the life and death cycle of the salmon. This runs from October to November. The trails are well groomed and easy to walk.

  • The day-use area provides picnic tables, barbeque pits and a large, sheltered cooking area for groups. It's located close to the spawning grounds in the river, so children should be supervised so as to not venture into the water. Pets should be leashed at all time so as to not disturb the fragile spawning grounds.

  • The Goldstream Visitor Centre offers nature displays and outdoor displays that discuss the natural history of the area.

  • Consider taking the Niagara Creek hike to see Vancouver Island's version of Niagara Falls!

  • Fantastic bird-watching is available from a sheltered viewing platform just north of the Goldstream Freeman King Visitor Centre. Visitors can see eagles, falcons and owls hunt. Bring a telephoto lens to capture hundreds of other species that can be seen darting around the old-growth forest.

  • There are three waterfalls in the park, each in a remote section teaming with birds and wildlife. The forest trails are steep and slippery and should only be navigated with sturdy footwear.

  • Just like all other provincial parks in British Columbia, there is a minimal parking fee that helps maintain these protected areas.

Boating, canoeing, kayaking and swimming is prohibited at the head of Finlayson Arm and in the Goldstream estuary. This tidal area is closed to protect the grounds for the fish, birds and other wildlife.

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Goldstream Provincial Park is a gem where nature lovers can bask in old-growth forests, enjoy scenic hikes, and and view a wide variety of wildlife. There are many more things to do in BC, including scenic stops and viewpoints, and interesting (and wacky) roadside attractions!