The Secluded Apex Alpine Resort

Penticton, British Columbia

Apex Ski Resort - Penticton, BC

Skiing is something that my husband and I have enjoyed sharing throughout our marriage. Right from the very start, on the slopes of Apex Alpine Resort in British Columbia, we found we had lots of things in common.

My parents taught me how to ski from a young age. Located just outside of Penticton, Apex Alpine Ski Resort was a powder haven for us on weekends. On one particular day, I had ventured to Apex because it's small and relatively uncrowded, exactly what I wanted at the time. It had been a while since I'd been able to go skiing and Apex seemed like a good place for me to get back in the groove.

I was in my one piece ski suit, the one with the iridescent colors and snug fit that was fashionable at the time. I looked and felt hot! As I sat on the chairlift, to my horror, below came a brilliant skier carving turns in the soft, dry snow. His curves were crisp & clean and he had excellent posture & balance. And he was wearing the exact same outfit as me!

On this particular day, when I unloaded at the top, I took the same run that my copy-cat skier had just taken, trying to find his tracks. From the overhead ski-lift, I heard a deep male voice say, "You're killing it!"


I knew it was my twin, but wondered if he was referring to my athletic ability or to our shared outfit. I ignored his hollering, finished my traversing and waited at the bottom in the lift line, letting others go ahead.

It wasn't long before he was hurtling towards the bottom, where we "just happened" to bump into one another for a slow right up to the top. And for the last 16 years, through all of the ups and downs and rocky patches, we've enjoyed our ride together. And it all started at Apex Alpine Mountain Ski Resort. You never know who you'll meet!

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