Antelope in Saskatchewan

Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan

Antelope - Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan

Believe it or not, there are antelopes in Canada - specifically in Saskatchewan!. Antelope are the second fastest land animal in the world behind the cheetah. The Pronghorn antelope is native to North America and bears no relation to the African antelope. They once roamed the expansive prairies, foothills and grasslands of the continent. We happened to see these little antelope while driving through Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan, but they can also be found in southern Alberta.

These fleet-footed animals are skittish and fearful of humans. When I stopped to take this photo, they were cautious and timid by my presence. Soon after snapping this photo, they bolted over the rolling hills as quickly as they could run (or rather, bounce). They can run up to 100 kilometers per hour!

Watch for pronghorn antelope while driving through the southern prairies. They can often be seen as they forage along the sides of the highway... but they scare easily and will quickly bolt away.


Grasslands National Park

We saw many, many antelope while visiting Grasslands. While there:

  • Take a driving tour of the grassland. It's wide-open country here. The desolation and silence is tremendous!

  • Discover the park on horseback.

  • Wear hiking boots (even if it's hot out!). I did a hike in runners and stepped on a cactus. Man, that hurt!

  • View the prairie dogs, burrowing owls, swift-fox & black-footed ferrets in their natural prairie environment.

  • Visit the Val Marie Visitor Center and learn about the nature & history of the area. Sitting Bull took refuge close to here.

View Pronghorn Antelopes near Grasslands National Park in a larger map


Val Marie, Saskatchewan is located 345 kilometers (3.5 hours) southeast of Medicine Hat, Alberta or 361 kilometers (4 hours) southwest of Regina, Saskatchewan.