Scenic Stop: Three Valley Gap

British Columbia

Three Valley Gap, BC

Three Valley Gap, BC, is a small town near Revelstoke that commemorates the local mining and railway heritage of the Monashee Mountain region. The name is derived from the confluence of three valleys to the east, west & south. This photo was taken from Rutherford Beach, looking across the Lake, towards the resort town that's tucked between the narrow, steeply-walled valley.

Located 20 kilometers west of Revelstoke, this tiny town is situated on the picturesque shores of Three Valley Lake, along the Eagle River. Actually, there's no town site per se but rather just a lodging with dining option. Also located here is the only working railway roundhouse in Canada.

Honestly, there's not a lot to do in Three Valley Gap. People generally pass through it; if they stop, it's for a bite to eat, to visit the private museum, stretch their legs or go for a quick paddle on the lake.

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Travel to Three Valley Gap

The shores of the lake make for a scenic, afternoon pit stop. On our way from Revelstoke, we had a enjoyable time kayaking across the lake. Most days, the mountain valley acts as a wind tunnel making for a strenuous outing but that day, the sun was bright and the air was calm.

To the east of here, there's great hiking in Glacier National Park and the Rogers Pass. Back-country exploring around Three Valley Gap is good but services are limited due to the low population. The local accommodation is only open seasonally and offers an alternative accommodation to those in Revelstoke.

Camping isn't allowed at the rest stop. You'll need a 4x4 truck with good clearance to get to the nearest campground in Mount Griffin Provincial Park.

Source: Drive BC - Current Driving Conditions, Three Valley Gap, BC


As you leave Revelstoke, the Trans Canada Highway #1 follows the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) through the mountain pass. Both rail & road squeeze through this narrow corridor. Even though a rail tour through the Canadian Rockies is scenic & romantic, a road trip allows visitors to stop and enjoy the landscape from roadside viewpoints like this one at Rutherford Beach near Three Valley Gap, BC. Check out other things to do in BC, visit some beautiful scenic stops or roadside attractions.