Scenic Stop: Cameron Falls

Waterton National Park, Alberta

Cameron Falls, Waterton National Park

During the last ice-age, Cameron Falls was created by a hanging valley, a point where a smaller glacier that flowed from Cameron Creek met the much larger glacier that formed the expansive Waterton Lakes Valley. The exposed rock of Cameron Falls is 1.5 billion years old and is one of the oldest outcropping of rock in the Rocky Mountains. And it's located just on the edge of Waterton, Alberta.

Glaciers carved all of the beauty of Waterton National Park. Twelve thousand years ago, they left behind jagged peaks and deep U-shaped valleys. Cameron creek flows over this rock face and drains Cameron Lake 19 kilometers away (and the picturesque Carthew lakes too). This is one of the scenic tributaries that drains into Upper Waterton Lake.

Cameron Falls is located on the west side of Waterton, Alberta and is an excellent place to picnic (when the deer or elk aren't too close). Looking at a high-altitude view from the Bear's Hump hike, you can see that the town was built upon the fan-shaped land mass that was created by sediment deposited from Cameron Creek.

Visitors to the park can enjoy a view of the falls year round. Waterton in the winter is quiet and scenic and uncrowded. Cameron Falls is covered in clear ice, its beauty frozen for months at a time.

At night, the waterfall is lit-up and is a perfect destination for a leisurely or romantic stroll through town. A small trail to the right of Cameron Falls leads to picturesque viewpoints for great photo opportunities. Cameron falls is also the trail-head (or end of trail) for the 20 kilometer Carthew-Alderson Trail that leads to Cameron Lake.

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Waterton Lakes National Park is one of the jewels of the Canadian National Parks and a UNESCO historical site. It's small in size but large in beauty and geological history. Cameron Falls is well worth a visit.

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