Saskatchewan Scenery & Scenic Stops

The "land of the living skies" can surprise you with its colourful landscapes and ever-changing skies. Scenic stops are those where you can view the varied, stunning scenery without having to go for a long hike or journey to get there. Saskatchewan's scenic stops are many ... and you don't necessarily even have to travel to get there! Cast your gaze skyward during the dark of the night to stargaze, or pick a spot to watch an amazing sunset.

Scenic Stop: Antelope in Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan

Antelope in Saskatchewan
Believe it or not, there are antelope in Canada! They're the second fastest land animal in the world behind the cheetah. The Pronghorn antelope is native to North America and bears no relation to the African antelope. These mammals once roamed the expansive prairies, foothills and grasslands of the continent. In Canada, the pronghorn antelope can still be found in southern Alberta and Saskatchewan.
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