Roadside Attraction: Tommy the Turtle

Tommy the Turtle Stands Tall in Boissevain, Manitoba

Manitoba Roadside Attraction: Tommy the Turtle

Photo: Courtesy of D. Banman (Visitor's Center)

Located near Turtle Mountain Provincial Park, Tommy the Turtle stands 28 feet tall and welcomes visitors to Boissevain, Manitoba in the southwest corner of the province. The monument was erected in 1974 as a symbol of the community and it's proximity to Turtle Mountain (which, incidentally, does have turtles).

The town had its day in the world headlines when it held the annual Turtle Derby (1987-2001) which has been subsequently replaced by the Turtle Island Festival.

The town is named after Adolphe Boissevain (1843-1921) who was a Dutch banker. He helped finance the CPR and this town now bears his name.

Things to Do in Boissevain, Manitoba

  • Visit Turtle Mountain Provincial Park. Rolling hills, lakes and wetlands await. If you love history, walk or bike up Turtle Mountain (245 m/800 ft above the surrounding prairie) where natives have been trekking for thousands of years.

  • Visit the International Peace Garden on the Manitoba/North Dakota border along Highway 10. Some of the remains of the World Trade Center have been placed in the park.

  • Stroll along the prairie and enjoy the plants and animals in the Lorna Smith Nature Centre run by the Turtle Mountain Conservation District.

  • Go bird watching at the Whitewater Lake to view burrowing owls, hawks, and egrets.

  • Golf in the summer, snowmobile in the winter.

How to Get to Tommy

The following map shows the driving directions.

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Boissevain, Manitoba is the gateway to Turtle Mountain Provincial Park and is located 269 kilometers (3 & 1/4 hours) from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Tommy the Turtle is one of the most kid-friendly roadside attractions in Manitoba.