Roadside Attraction - The World's Largest Curling Rock

Arborg, Manitoba Loves Curling!

Manitoba Roadside Attraction: World's Largest Curling Rock

Photo: Courtesy of V. Sabeski (Town of Arborg)

Curling is a Canadian sport (and a fun one at that) so what better way for the citizens of Arborg, Manitoba to celebrate the sport than by the commemorating the world's largest curling rock?

The world's largest curling rock was erected in 2005 and measures 4.2 meters across and 2.1 meters tall, eclipsing the similar roadside attraction in Thunder Bay. The rock is a tribute to the two local high school teams who on won the provincial championships in 1948/49, 1949/50 and in 1988.

The town was settled in 1900 by Icelandic and Polish-Ukrainian pioneers. Arborg is 113 kilometers north of Winnipeg, located in the Interlake Region (between the mighty Lake Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba).

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How to Get to the World's Largest Curling Rock

The following map shows the driving directions to giant curling rock.

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Arborg, Manitoba is 113 kilometers (2 hours) north of Winnipeg, Manitoba. If you're in the mood to see a truly Canadian monument, this giant curling rock is one of the weirdest and fun roadside attractions in Manitoba.