Roadside Attraction: Giant Dump Truck

Logan Lake, British Columbia

Giant Dump Truck & Shovel - Sparwood, BC

This is one of the coolest Visitor Information Centres in the world - if you like Tonka toys! This giant dump truck and digging shovel are located near the entrance of Logan Lake, BC.

These dump trucks were used in the local copper mine but are now a roadside attraction that houses the local Visitor's Centre.

The truck is nearly 6 meters tall and was donated by the Highland Valley Copper Mine. In its day, it could carry up to 470,000 pounds of ore. It's only slightly smaller than the World's Largest Dump Truck in Sparwood, BC.

The mining shovel was also used in the extraction of copper ore and has a 13 cubic meter bucket, in which you can stand for photos. The former engine & winch room has now been converted to a Visitor's Centre run by the local Chamber of Commerce.

Seeing, feeling and exploring these enormous machines reminded me of when I used to play with toy trucks!

About Logan Lake

Logan Lake is located in central British Columbia near Kamloops, BC. Normally, we pass this area on the Coquihalla Highway, but this time we decided to take a detour and made a pit-stop in Logan Lake. We were surprised to find a friendly little community in a beautiful, hilly landscape. This place is all about the outdoors.

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  • Take a leisurely stroll around Logan Lake (the lake, that is, not the town - although you can stroll around town too).

  • Go boating on Logan Lake. There's a community boat launch near the campground.

  • Take an ATV ride on one of the well-defined trails through grasslands and forests. When the skies are clear, you'll have spectacular valley and mountain views.

  • Fishing & golfing are a great way to spend some time outdoors.

  • Challenge yourself to a round of disc golf on the community course.

  • The young (and young-at-heart) & tough can try out the community Bike Park.

  • The community recreational center has a hockey area and weight room.

  • Snow-mobile in the winter.

  • Explore the 36 kilometers of groomed cross-country ski trails starting on the edge of town.

More information is available at the Logan Lake Visitor Information Centre.


Logan Lake is 60 kilometers from Kamloops, BC, just off of the Coquihalla Highway. Stop by and view the giant dump truck & shovel ... it's like a fond reminder of childhood days, spent playing with toys!

There are many more roadside attractions in BC to explore... or check out other things to do (like hiking), or visit some beautiful scenic stops throughout the province.