Highest Point on the TransCanada Highway

Kicking Horse Pass, British Columbia

Highest point of the TransCanada Hwy - Golden, BC

The highest point on the Trans Canada Highway is in the Kicking Horse Pass near the Alberta/BC Border, with an elevation of 1643 meters (5390 feet), just a few kilometers east of the Parks Bridge.

This photo of the Parks Bridge under construction was taken a few years ago when the TransCanada Highway was moved from within the canyon to up along the side. The bridge is 13 kilometers east of Golden, BC, and was opened in 2007, making the slow and curvy section of the lower highway obsolete. The height of the bridge is 90 meters above the Kicking Horse River.

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The engineering and construction challenge of the Kicking Horse Canyon Project is enormous. A span of less than 35 kilometers of asphalt and bridges is estimated to cost just under $1 billion.

There's a rest area just to the west where people ride along the old highway for a few kilometers. There's also a kayak launch site. The Kicking Horse River is swift moving in this steep canyon and only expert kayakers should attempt the waters. Dry-suits are highly recommended since the water is cold year-round!

Other Points of Interest on the TransCanada Highway

Distance to the highest point on the TransCanada Highway near Golden, BC:

  • Calgary - 240 kilometers (3 hours)
  • Vancouver - 730 kilometers (9 minutes)
  • Banff - 125 kilometers (1.5 hours)
  • Kelowna - 355 kilometers (5 hours)

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