Roadside Attraction: The World's Largest Pyrogy (Perogy)

Glendon, Alberta

Giant Pyrogy in Glendon, Alberta
Photo: Courtesy P. Mack (Mayor's Office of Glendon, Alberta)

The world's largest perogy (officially spelled pryogy) is in the tiny village of Glendon, Alberta, north of St. Paul. This giant pyrogy is a weird roadside attraction but it sure brings out a smile when you see it!

The Giant Pyrogy measures 27 feet high, 12 feet wide and nearly 6,000 lbs. It's located next to the only restaurant in town and draws in tourists to this remote, east central town.

Canada is home to the third largest Ukrainian population in the world. Immigration started in the late 1890's and the eastern European heritage is still strong in several locations across Alberta. Cultural attractions, events and even the language are still vibrant in the region. Glendon's strong Ukrainian heritage makes perfect sense to pay tribute to this popular food item with the world's largest pyrogy.

The giant perogy was erected in 1991 to draw tourist to this remote east, central town. This agricultural region is close to the heavy oil industry and offers plenty of camping and fishing. The population of Glendon is approximately 475 residents.

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Directions - See the Giant Pyrogy!

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Glendon, Alberta is located 252 kilometers (3.5 hours) northeast of Edmonton, Alberta. On your next trip through northern Alberta, make sure to stop off and view the World's Biggest Pyrogy. This is one of the strangest roadside attractions in Alberta!