Roadside Attraction: The Continental Divide Along the Alberta-BC Border

Continental Divide, Alberta-BC Border - Banff/Kootenay National Parks

The Continental Divide is an invisible demarcation line along the Rocky Mountains that divides the flow of water between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Rain and melting snow that falls on the west side, in BC territory, drains into the Pacific Ocean. Precipitation that falls to the east, in Alberta, flows towards into the Atlantic Ocean.

This photo was taken 45 minutes north of Banff, Alberta along the Banff-Windermere Parkway (Highway 93). This is a scenic highway through Kootenay National Park heading towards Radium Hot Springs, BC. This photo was taken at the height of the pass, at a roadside monument.

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Do All Continents Have a Great Divide?

All continents, except the Antarctica, have a continental divide that marks which direction water will flow.

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