Things To Do In Ontario

Ontario is a huge province, one filled with natural beauty. If you've ever wanted to go hiking, take a relaxing bike ride, or try a new outdoor activity, this is the place to do it - there are things to do in Ontario for every age and every fitness level.

Things To Do: Cycling or Hiking Hamilton-Brantford-Cambridge Rail Trail

The Hamilton-Brantford-Cambridge Rail Trail
Located in southern Ontario, the Hamilton-Brantford-Cambridge trail is a scenic relic that weaves through the economic heartland of Canada. Over 80 kilometers (50 miles) of paved and gravel pathways take you through an urban and rural adventure on this rail trail.
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Things To Do: Dog Sledding in Ontario

Dog Sledding in Ontario
For many years, sitting in a sled while a team of dogs pulled you along was one of the only ways to travel a long distance across the frozen tundra. Now that modern technology has brought about faster and easier ways to travel across snow and ice, dog sledding has become a popular year-round leisure activity.
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