Ontario Scenery & Scenic Stops

There's ample beauty everywhere in Ontario. Scenic stops are those where you can view the varied, stunning scenery without having to go for a long hike or journey to get there. There are endless scenic stops in Ontario, of course, but to make the experience even more amazing, try to aim for traveling during the fall colour changes - the mosaic of brilliant colours is truly something to behold!

Scenic Stop: Over the Edge at Ouimet Canyon - Thunder Bay, Ontario

Ouimet Canyon in Thunder Bay, Ontario
I wasn't expecting much when we pulled off of the Trans Canada Highway east of Thunder Bay and into Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park. At the end of a short boardwalk, I immediately froze after taking the first step onto the viewing platform that overhung the steep wall of the canyon.
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Scenic Stop: Bridal Veil Falls near Kagawong, Ontario on Manitoulin Island

Bridal Veil Falls in Kagawong, Ontario
Did you ever want to walk behind a waterfall? Well, you can on Manitoulin Island in Ontario.
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