Roadside Attractions in Ontario

Roadside attractions are single points of interest. They're easy to get to, and they draw lots of attention from travelers. They can be interesting or educational, or downright weird or kooky! Ontario has many roadside attractions - fun places to stop and grab a photo and to take a break during your travels.

Roadside Attraction: The Wawa Goose

The Wawa Goose
The good 'ol Canada Goose... beautiful, strong, and also loud & aggressive (ever been chased by one? I was, as a kid!). The Wawa Goose is a roadside attraction in - you guessed it - Wawa, Ontario, along the Trans Canada Highway (Hwy #17).
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Roadside Attraction: World's Largest Snowman - Beardmore, Ontario

World's Largest Snowman
Photo: Courtesy of G. Vezina (Municipal office, Beardmore, Ontario)
Located in northern Ontario, near Lake Nipigon, this roadside attraction in Beardmore, Ontario is home to the world's largest snowman - a 35 foot tall giant who changes attire according to the season.
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Roadside Attraction: The First Oil Well in Canada - in Ontario!

First oil well in Canada
It may be a surprise to most but the first oil well in Canada was not discovered in Alberta, but rather in Lambton County, Ontario more than 150 years ago.
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Roadside Attraction: Midpoint of the TransCanada Highway - Batchawana Bay, Ontario

Midpoint of the TransCanada Hwy
The Trans Canada Highway is the longest national highway in the world and stretches for 7,821 kilometers (4860 miles). The starting point is in St. John's, Newfoundland and the end point is in Victoria, BC.
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