Roadside Attractions in Manitoba

Roadside attractions are single points of interest. They're easy to get to, and they draw lots of attention from travelers. They can be interesting or educational, or downright weird or kooky! Manitoba has its share of roadside attractions - fun places to stop and grab a photo and to take a break during your travels.

Roadside Attraction: The World's Largest Curling Rock in Arborg, Manitoba

Manitoba Roadside Attraction: World's Largest Curling Rock
Photo: Courtesy of V. Sabeski (Town of Arborg)
Curling is a Canadian sport (and a fun one at that) so what better way for the citizens of Arborg, Manitoba to celebrate the sport than by the commemorating the world's largest curling rock?
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Roadside Attraction: Tommy the Turtle in Boissevain, Manitoba

Manitoba Roadside Attraction: Tommy the Turtle
Photo: Courtesy of D. Banman (Visitor's Center)
Located near Turtle Mountain Provincial Park, Tommy Turtle stands 28 feet tall to welcome visitors to southwest Manitoba.
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