Discover Saskatchewan!

There is lots of opportunity for outdoor recreation in Saskatchewan, from expansive prairie and forest hikes, to boating on the thousands of lakes and rivers across this beautiful province. Uncrowded parks and amazing, ever-changing skies makes it a wonderful place for people seeking a serene place to explore that's far from the crowds.

Things To Do

Things To Do in Saskatchewan, Canada
Hiking, boating, camping, star-gazing, fishing, golfing, wildlife-watching ... Saskatchewan offers activities for everyone. Get out there and discover this beautiful province. See things to do here!


Scenic Stops

Scenic Stops in Saskatchewan, Canada
The "land of the living skies" can surprise you with its colourful landscapes and ever-changing skies. Scenic stops are those where you can view the varied, stunning scenery without having to go for a long hike or journey to get there. See scenic stops here!