Things To Do in British Columbia

Spectacular hikes, scenic trails, kayak trips, wildlife watching ... BC has it all. BC is known for its natural splendour, and the many things to do in this stunning scenic province revolve around exploring its natural beauty. The best way to see it is to just get out there and experience it for yourself!

Things To Do: Hiking the West Coast Trail

West Coast Trail
The West Coast Trail is one of the most challenging long-distance hike and backpacking trails in the country. Stretching for more than 75 kilometers, the West Coast Trail weaves along the rocky and rugged shores from Bamfield, BC to Port Renfrew on the western shores of Vancouver Island.
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Things To Do: Francis King Regional Park in Victoria, BC

Francis King Park, Victoria, Vancouver Island
We were looking for a regional park near Victoria, BC to take my elderly mother. It couldn't be a strenuous outdoor adventure since she has limited mobility; the hike needed to be easily accessible, quiet and scenic. We found all of that in Francis/King Regional Park.
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Things To Do: George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary

Migratory Bird Sanctuary - Delta, BC
As a frequent hiker, I have seen many wild and potentially dangerous animals up close, but only once have had a face-to-face encounter that left me completely clueless as to what to do. And it happened in a bird sanctuary!
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Things To Do: Apex Alpine Ski Resort

Apex Ski Resort - Penticton, BC
Skiing in the glue that holds my husband & I together. It's one thing that we've enjoyed sharing throughout our marriage. Right from the very start, on the slopes of Apex Alpine Resort in British Columbia, we found we had lots of things in common.
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Things To Do: Hiking in Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park, BC
Glacier National Park is located in the rugged interior of British Columbia, Canada. Because of the towering peaks, the area has never been fully developed making it a scenic & pristine nature reserve. Hiking in Glacier National Park is perfect for those who enjoy few crowds, mountainous terrain and big outdoor adventures.
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Things To Do: Niagara Falls in Goldstream Park, Victoria

Niagara Falls near Victoria, BC
There are two waterfalls named Niagara Falls in Canada. There's the more famous one in southern Ontario, and then there's a tiny, remote one tucked deep in a gorge just outside of Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island - nestled in a spectacular park with old-growth trees.
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Things To Do: Must-Do's in Victoria, BC

Parliament building in Victoria, BC
Victoria, British Columbia is a fantastic city to visit. This small but bustling city on Vancouver Island has preserved its historic charm and its connection with nature. By visiting the lesser-known sites in the city, travellers can get a different feel for this capital city. Here are a some things to do in Victoria to make your visit truly memorable.
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Things To Do: Abandoned Rail Trail - Rogers Pass, BC

Abandoned rail trail, Rogers Pass, BC
The Abandoned Rail Trail near the Rogers Pass Summit is the shortest rail trail in Canada and one with a tragic history. Located in the Glacier National Park in British Columbia, Canada, this 1.2 kilometer stretch was once part of the original CPR rail line that crossed the Selkirk mountain range. It is also the site of the worst avalanche disaster in Canadian history.
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Things To Do: Visit the Spectacular Goldstream Park

Goldstream Park near Victoria, BC
Goldstream Park is located 17 kilometers from downtown Victoria, BC on the Trans Canada Highway. It's a 477 hectare park at the head of Finlayson Arm, and is one of the most scenic and most visited parks in Victoria. Protected by the Highland mountains, the park is a quiet oasis for rare plants, forest creatures and ocean-life.
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Things To Do: Hiking to Stanley Glacier - Kootenay National Park

Kootenay National Park
Kootenay National Park in beautiful British Columbia, is located next to Banff National Park and protects some of the most diverse terrain in Canada. Cactus grows in the arid southern region while stunning glaciers majestically straddle the towering Rocky Mountain peaks. The following entry is a personal account from expert hiker Barry Taylor on a journey to the Stanley Glacier near the Continental Divide.
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Things To Do: Kayaking the Sooke Basin - Vancouver Island

Kayaking the Sooke Basin
Located 20 minutes outside of Victoria, BC is a kayaker's dream of calm water and scenic shores. The Sooke Basin is in the southwest corner of Vancouver Island and is a 4 km x 3 km ocean bay that's sheltered from the open winds and waves of the Pacific Ocean.
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Things To Do: Hiking The Asulkan Valley Trail - Glacier National Park

Asulkan Valley Hut, Glacier
Hiking in Glacier National Park is an unforgettable experience. The park is located in the wet section of British Columbia and has towering peaks that collect huge amounts of moisture. Expert hiker Barry Taylor relates his journey on the Asulkan Valley Trail.
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Things To Do: Thetis Lake Park - Victoria, BC

Lower Thetis Lake Trail
Thetis Lake Regional Park is a large natural park with lakes, hills, forests and marshes set within the city boundary of suburban Victoria, BC, Canada. Hiking is popular along the scenic pathways that wind around lakes, up hills and across creeks.
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Things To Do: Coast Collective Art Centre

Esquimalt lagoon, Vancouver Island
As you leave the city of Victoria and head toward Sooke, BC you'll come across the Coast Collective Art Center, an art center and gallery of fine art from local Vancouver Island artists.
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Things To Do: Look for the White Spirit Bears of BC

Kermode bears, white spirit bears
Located on the remote west coast of Canada is a temperate rainforest that's home to the white Spirit Bear of BC. Genetically rare, these black bears are white, yellowish and golden in colour and are collectively known as Kermode Bears. The highest concentration of Spirit bears can be found in the Kitasoo Spirit Bear Protected Area.
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Things To Do: Hike the Coast Trail in East Sooke Park

Coast Trail, East Sooke Park
I consider Waterton National Park to be one of the most beautiful areas in all of the mountain parks in Alberta. But Waterton in the winter can be a spooky place! My wife & I didn't know what to expect in Waterton in November so we were surprised to find that the animals in town outnumbered the people by at least 100 to 1.
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Scenic Stop: Goldstream Falls on Vancouver Island

Goldstream Falls near Victoria, BC
Goldstream Falls is located in the southwest corner of Goldstream Park just outside of Victoria, BC. It's a small waterfall that cascades into a shallow bowl and on quiet mornings, is frequented by blue herons, woodpeckers and many other types of birds.
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