British Columbia Scenery & Scenic Stops

There's ample beauty everywhere in "beautiful British Columbia". Scenic stops are those where you can view the varied, stunning scenery without having to go for a long hike or journey to get there. BC's scenic stops showcase the province's reputation for natural splendour. The scenery will leave you breathless with wonder!

Scenic Stop: The Giant Harris Creek Spruce Tree

Big Trees in Port Renfrew - Harris Creek Spruce
Located northeast of Port Renfrew, BC, this massive tree somehow managed to escape the saw blade in the 1800s. This giant Sitka spruce tree towers above the surrounding 2nd growth forest. The original old growth forest in this part of Vancouver Island is long gone, but this particular tree is over 80 meters tall and wider than our car!
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Scenic Stop: Kellett Point - A Romantic Lookout In Sooke

Scenic viewpoint near Victoria, BC: Kellett Point
Kellett Point is a romantic lookout near Victoria, BC, in the small community of Sooke. Few people know about this secluded spot on the shores of the Sooke Basin. Great views of the Pacific sunset can be found here as you gaze out over southern Vancouver Island.
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Scenic Stop: The Othello Tunnels

Othello Tunnels
The Othello Tunnels are located in the scenic mountains outside of Hope, BC, Canada. These tunnels were a part of the former Kettle Valley Railway which ran a rail-line through southern British Columbia. This section of the railway was decommissioned in 1959 and is one of the most picturesque rail trails in Canada. Kids and adults alike will love the outdoor adventure and thrill of walking through the series of tunnels, emerging on the other side to spectacular Canadian scenery.
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Scenic Stop: Three Valley Gap

Three Valley Gap, BC
Three Valley Gap, BC is a small resort town near Revelstoke that commemorates the local mining and railway heritage of the Monashee Mountain region. The name is derived from the confluence of three valleys to the east, west & south.
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Scenic Stop: Rearguard Falls

Rearguard Falls, British Columbia
Rearguard Falls Provincial Park is a scenic gem just off of the Yellowhead Highway. We discovered it by accident as we were driving along Highway 16, near a small town called Tete Jaune Cache in British Columbia, Canada (not far from Valemount, BC). This scenic jewel has a viewing platform for a stunning view of the waterfalls.
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Scenic Stop: Haynes Point in Osoyoos, BC

Haynes Point - Osoyoos, BC
We didn't know what to expect when we stopped at Canada's only pocket desert. Could it really be as hot and dry as a typical southern desert?
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