Things To Do In Alberta

Spectacular hikes in the Rockies, scenic trails, boating on beautiful lakes, skiing at the best resorts ... Alberta has many things to do for the outdoor enthusiast. Get out there and enjoy everything Alberta has to offer.

Things To Do: Exploring Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park - Cochrane, Alberta
Opened in August 2011, Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park has over 1300 hectares of rolling hills and river flatlands on the banks of the Bow River. Over 25 kilometers of walking and biking trails weave through this park in Southern Alberta.
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Things To Do: Backpacking at Aster Lake, Kananaskis

Backpacking in Kananaskis - Aster Lake
This is one of the most scenic and outstanding backpacking trips in Kananaskis. Aster Lake is located within a spitting distance of the Alberta/BC border and offers a variety of terrain including mountains, meadows, steep alpine slopes and placid lakeshore.
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Things To Do: The Glacier Hike in K-Country

Glacier Hike, Kananaskis
This glacier hike in Kananaskis, Alberta, takes hikers into the front range of the Rocky Mountains. You'll be rewarded with one of the last glacial views on the eastern slopes.
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Things To Do: Hiking at Elbow Lake, Kananaskis

Elbow Lake Hike, Kananaskis
Elbow Lake is a short but steep hike in Kananaskis, Alberta. It's scenic beauty is well worth the effort to get here! This hiking trail is difficult but short and is suitable for people of all fitness levels. I've seen families with small kids and grandparents navigate the trail as well as eager anglers hauling up their fishing gear. It makes for a perfect hike when taking a day trip from Calgary along Highway 40.
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Things To Do: The Glacier Hike in K-Country

Hidden Lake Hike, Kananaskis
Hidden Lake was appropriately named because it should remain out of sight. Located in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, about 1:30 hours west of Calgary, this is a strenuous hike to a rather unremarkable lake - yup, I try not to be negative, but such a heart-pounding climb to a boring pond-like lake just doesn't seem worth it (yet, here I am writing about it!).
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Things To Do: Sailing Ghost Lake in Cochrane

Ghost Lake, Cochrane, Alberta
Most people canít imagine sailing amongst the foothills of southern Alberta, but when the wind blows along Ghost Lake, 18 kilometers west of Cochrane Alberta, it makes for a perfect outdoor adventure on the footsteps of the Rocky Mountains.
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Things To Do: Hiking the Red Rock Canyon in Waterton National Park

Red Rock Canyon, Waterton National Park
After years of being turned away by foraging black bears, we finally managed to hike the Red Rock Canyon in Waterton National Park. A short self-guided hiking path takes visitors on an educational tour of the geological and human history of this brightly coloured canyon.
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Things To Do: Fishing in Kananaskis

Upper Kananaskis Lake
I had a great weekend fishing in Alberta. With the Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, I launched my boat on Upper Kananaskis Lake, 1.5 hours west of Calgary and cast my reel. Despite only catching a single fish, the spectacular scenery, fresh mountain air and the absolute quiet made it an incredible summer day.
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Things To Do: Hiking Around Upper Kananaskis Lake

Hiking in Kananaskis
This walking hiking tour around Upper Kananaskis Lake is an outdoor adventure that people of all fitness levels can enjoy. The easy trail goes around the shoreline of this man-made lake and takes hikers through Douglas Fir forests, conifer groves and even an old rock slide.
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Things To Do: Hiking at Chester Lake, Kananaskis

Hiking at Chester Lake, Kananaskis
After a very wet spring in southern Alberta, summer had finally arrived at the lower elevations. Surprisingly, winter still had its firm grip at 2225 m/7300 ft when I went hiking to Chester Lake in Kananaskis, Alberta in late June.
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Things To Do: Boating on Lake Minnewanka

Lake Minnewanka, Banff National Park
After a winter of record snowfall in the Canadian Rockies, we had to wait until mid-July for our first outdoor adventure of the summer season in Banff National Park. We decided to go boating on Lake Minnewanka, the largest lake in the Canadian Mountain Parks.
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Things To Do: Skiing Mount Norquay

Skiing at Mt. Norquay, Banff National Park
Mount Norquay is a towering Rocky Mountain peak just outside of the town of Banff, Alberta in Banff National Park. It is home to the Mount Norquay Ski Resort which was the first ski hill in Canada to install a chairlift in 1948. This isn't one of the largest ski resorts in Canada, but with good snow and lots of black diamond runs, this is a challenging resort for even the most advanced skiers and snowboarders.
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Things To Do: Skiing at Castle Mountain Resort

Castle Mountain Resort Ski Hill
Alberta has 6 Rocky Mountain ski resorts. Not surprisingly, the Castle Mountain Ski Resort is perhaps the least known of them all but it's not the smallest! Tucked in the southwest corner of the province, itís a secluded powder haven thatís quiet, uncrowded and perhaps one of Albertaís best kept skiing secret.
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Things To Do: Skiing at Sunshine Village, Banff

Sunshine Village, Banff
Skiing in Banff, Alberta doesn't get any better than Sunshine Village. This mountain jewel offers excellent scenery, snow and skiing and has three mountain faces to ski. It takes more than one ski-trip to fully explore this ski resort!
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Things To Do: Skiing at Lake Louise

Skiing at Lake Louise
Skiing Lake Louise is popular for a reason! With dry, soft snow and classic Rocky Mountain scenery, skiing in Canada doesn't get much better than this. The short lift lines and long runs make the Lake Louise ski resort the most popular in Alberta.
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Things To Do: Hiking at Rawson Lake, Kananaskis

Rawson Lake, Kananaskis, Alberta
The Rawson Lake Trail is an easy hike to a scenic and secluded mountain lake in Kananaskis Country, Alberta. Perched in the front ranges of the Rocky Mountains, the Rawson Lake hike is a 5 kilometer trek with a rewarding view of a picturesque green lake at the base of a towering peak - a quinessential Canadian postcard picture.
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Things To Do: Hiking in Kananaskis, Alberta to the Continental Divide - Carnarvon Lake

Carnarvon Lake, Kananaskis
We've been hiking in Kananaskis, Alberta for the past 15 years. As weekend warriors, exploring the front ranges of the Rocky Mountains was an escape from the urban world of Calgary. With no particular adventure in mind, we were content with just the popular trails forest trails, enjoying the quinessential Canadian scenery. And then we heard about the Carnarvon Lake hike.
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Things To Do: Alberta Ski/Snowboard Tour - 3 Days, 3 Ski Resorts

Skiing in Alberta
Located in and around Banff National Park, the Sunshine, Lake Louise and Nakiska Ski Resorts have some of the best downhill skiing in Alberta. These resorts have lots of terrain and use the latest high-speed, high capacity chairlifts.
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