Alberta Scenery & Scenic Stops

Alberta is home to the famous Rocky Mountains, as well as rolling foothills, pristine lakes, and much more. Scenic stops are those where you can view the varied, stunning scenery without having to go for a long hike or journey to get there. Explore Alberta's scenic stops for a taste of what this beautiful province has to offer.

Scenic Stop: Two Jack Lake in Banff, Alberta

Two Jack Lake, Banff National Park
Two Jack Lake near Banff, Alberta is a stunningly picturesque lake offering visitors opportunities for scenic drives, wildlife viewing, kayaking and even camping.
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Scenic Stop: Orion, Alberta

Orion, Alberta
This photo was taken on an adventure to the small town of Orion, outside of Medicine Hat, Alberta. There was a large amount of decaying and abandoned houses within the city limits... this one in particular was quite photogenic. This mesmerizing photo that shows the loneliness & decrepitude of Orion was taken by Vaughn Royko...
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Scenic Stop: Mount Lorette, Kananaskis

Mount Lorette, Kananaskis
The Mount Lorette picnic area is located 1 hour west of Calgary (30 minutes from Canmore, Alberta). This well-manicured picnic area is located beside Highway 40 in the Kananaskis River Valley. This is excellent place for a picnic when on a day trip from Calgary. The emerald green ponds are feed from the crystal-clear Kananaskis River and are stocked with rainbow trout.
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Scenic Stop: The Big Rock of Okotoks, Alberta

Glacial Erratic - Big Rock of Okotoks, Alberta
The Big Rock near Okotoks, Alberta is the world's largest glacial erratic. The rock is larger than a house and is 41 meters long, 18 meters wide and 9 meters high. This glacial erratic is in a middle of prairie field and was transported to the Okotoks area during the last ice age. From the mineral composition, the rock was determined to be from the Rocky Mountains near Jasper, Alberta - almost 300 kilometers away!
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Scenic Stop: Cameron Falls, Waterton National Park

Cameron Falls, Waterton National Park
During the last ice-age, Cameron Falls was created by a hanging valley, a point where a smaller glacier that flowed from Cameron Creek met the much larger glacier that formed the expansive Waterton Lakes Valley. The exposed rock of Cameron Falls is 1.5 billion years old and is one of the oldest outcropping of rock in the Rocky Mountains. And it's located just on the edge of Waterton, Alberta.
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Scenic Stop: Gap Mountain in Kananaskis

Gap Mountain, Kananaskis, Alberta
Located 1 hour west of Calgary or 30 minutes east from Banff, Kananaskis Country is a collection of provincial parks and wildlife reserves that make up a large sanctuary along the continental divide. Gap Mountain is located in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park and is a little too rugged for the average hiker.
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Scenic Stop: Waterton's Winter Wonderland

Waterton National Park
I consider Waterton National Park to be one of the most beautiful areas in all of the mountain parks in Alberta. But Waterton in the winter can be a spooky place! My wife & I didn't know what to expect in Waterton in November so we were surprised to find that the animals in town outnumbered the people by at least 100 to 1.
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Things To Do: Hiking Elbow Falls in K-Country

Elbow Falls - Kananaskis, Alberta
We're always up for a day in the mountains with the dogs. On a cool but sunny day, we had slept in and were feeling lazy, but still wanted to advantage of the beautiful weather and head outdoors. We chose Elbow Falls, located in Kananaskis Country and only 45 minutes from Calgary, Alberta.
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