Roadside Attractions in Alberta

Roadside attractions are single points of interest. They're easy to get to, and they draw lots of attention from travelers. They can be interesting or educational, or downright weird or kooky! Alberta has its share of roadside attractions - they're fun places to stop and grab a photo and to take a break during your travels.

Roadside Attraction: Medicine Hat's Giant Teepee

Giant teepee, Medicine Hat
This roadside monument was actually used in the 1988 winter games in Calgary, Alberta. At the time, the world's largest teepee resided above the Olympic caldron and is now a roadside attraction along the Trans Canada Highway (Hwy #1) near Medicine Hat, Alberta. Raising 65.5 meters high (over 20 stories high), the steel structure weighs over 200 tonnes.
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Roadside Attraction: Alberta's First Oil Well

Alberta's First Oil Well
Just outside of the Waterton, Alberta, along the Akamina Parkway, stands the first commercial oil well in Alberta, the second in Canada. It's located in Waterton Lakes National Park and the original drill pipe is still in place at the bottom of the monument. A cairn in the shape of an oil derrick commemorates the discovery.
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Roadside Attraction: The Continental Divide

Continental Divide, Alberta-BC Border
The Continental Divide is an invisible demarcation line along the Rocky Mountains that divides the flow of water between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Rain and melting snow that falls on the west side, in BC territory, drains into the Pacific Ocean. Precipitation that falls to the east, in Alberta, flows towards into the Atlantic Ocean.
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Roadside Attraction: the Giant Pryogy in Glendon

Giant Pryogy, Glendon, Alberta
The world's largest perogy (officially spelled pryogy) is in the tiny village of Glendon, Alberta, north of St. Paul. This giant pryogy is a weird roadside attraction but it sure brings out a smile when you see it! The Giant Pryogy measures 27 feet high, 12 feet wide and weighs nearly 6000 lbs.
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